3rd of February 2016

Well we survived storm Henry!!!! It's probably just as well Gloucestershire old spots have big ears so they are pretty much deaf and can't see very much either!!!!

Managed to get the piglets outside for a bit today. They're still inside under the heat lamp with their mum but it was such a nice day today just had to let them out for a wee explore. Don't think I'll be able to turn them out properly for a few weeks. We've had sooooo much rain they'll probably get lost in the mud. We also have a huge fox problem at the moment and would hate for someone to miss out on a hog roast cos Mr Fox munched a piglet!!!!!!! Hopefully the foxes will be under a bit more control by lambing time!!!!

Talking of lambing the badger face tup, Ivor, is going home tomorrow. That's if I can manage to get him in the trailer!!!!! Last week he decided that breakfast was late and took a running jump at my backside almost launching me over a deer fence!!! That will teach me to turn my back for 2 seconds. Hoping I can forgive him come lambing when hopefully he's produced some gorgeous lambs.

Well all the kids are in bed (have my 2 nieces staying as well, so have 5 kids to get to school in the morning!!!) have loads of paper work to do but I might just have a sneaky wee g&t instead!!!

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