If the idea of eating your own rare breed, free-range pork appeals to you and you would like to own your own pig but don't have the time or space to care for it, we can arrange to look after it for you.
How it Works

We will send you monthly photographs of your piglet and update you on its progress. You can even come and visit (subject to prior arrangement). At the end you get to choose what you would like to get back from your pig and how you'd like the meat butchered. It only takes 6-7 months before you have a freezer full of succulent, mouth-watering pork, with the added bonus of knowing exactly how & where it came from. You can even share a piglet with a friend and split the cost.


There is no capital outlay as all equipment is provided by us. We will deal with all the paperwork required for your piglet, medicines, movement records, etc. No vet bills as we will take care of these, if required. In the unlikely event that your piglet becomes unwell and dies, we will replace him/her with another pig of the same breed so your investment is safeguarded.


You may miss the day to day contact with your piglet and of course there will be no excuse to buy the farmer's cap, wellies and waterproofs!